Ready2Power Multimedia 3D All in One

A couple of days ago I bought an interesting piece of hardware: “Ready2Power Multimedia 3D All in One” - a pair of VR glasses with a built-in computer and monitor. My main motivation to buy the device is my 3D photo camera. I have many 3D photographs and 3D films but no device to watch them properly. It is very difficult to find any information on the glasses online. Therefore, I decided to write some blog posts about the device. Even the user’s manual is difficult to find. There are the English and German version.

Optimizing Binarization for OCRopus

In many hours of work and frustration I have learned that page segmentation and character models have a strong influence on the result of OCR. However, I always underestimated the effects of the initial step – the binarization.

Schriftchaos unter Ubuntu beseitigen

Habt ihr euch auch schon darüber geärgert, dass unter Ubuntu die Liste der Schriften so unglaublich unübersichtlich ist, weil sie viele Schriften enthält, die man in Europa nie braucht? Hier am Beispiel von LibreOffice bei der Auswahl der Schriftart „Noto“.

Practical Expercience with OCRopus Model Training

In this blog posts I would like to share some of my experience in training models for the outstanding OCR program OCRopus.


One of the most underestimated programs for OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is OCRopus. The reason for this may lie in its sophisticated operation with several command line programs. You have to know the correct order to invoke the programs and the effects of OCRopus’ various options. You can achieve very good recognition rates (>99% correct characters) with OCRopus. However, you have to train a recognition model for your sources. A very good introduction to the use of OCRopus and the training of models is given in these two blog posts: