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MD9781 MP3-Player

2003-06-11: MD6242
A new version of the mp3-player (called MD6242) is available.It seems to use the same protocol as the MD9781. Since it uses another USB vendor- and product-id a small patch to the program wasnecassary.

2003-06-10: New version 0.3.1 -

  • I have finally added all patches from Dietrich Rothe.
  • When you use the Debian package the hotplug-script will be installed automaticly

2003-03-24: New version 0.3 -

  • applied several patches (most of them from Dietrich Rothe),
  • error correction after communication failure,
  • fixed problem when deleting large files,
  • added format function,
  • 3 percent of uploads used to fail - fixed,
  • Debian package available,
  • I have splitted the program into the md9781library and the md9781-managerfrontend

2003-02-08: New version 0.2.2 - fix some bugs that causedSEGFAULTS, you can now upload and delete multiple files with onecommand

2003-01-14: New version 0.2 - support for long filenames

In December 2002 a large German trade chain sold this portableMP3-player for a very good price. Since I use Linux I looked for adriver to upload and download files to the player. But the deviceuses a vendor specific protocol so none of the existing driversworked. So I decided to write my own...

Medion sells the player with 64MB internal memory by the name"MD-9781 Tragbarer MP3-Player-/Recorder". PoGo Products sells thedevice by the name "RipFlash PLUS". Their player hasmore memory (128MB) but the Medion player costs only half. :-)

The USB vendor ID of the device is 0x4e8 that means the chip isfrom Samsung. The product ID is 0x1003.

I have analysed the protocol used for communication with theplayer and wrote my own program "md9781-manager" that implementsthe most important parts of the protocol:

  • list the files on the player
  • delete a file from the player
  • upload a file to the player
  • download a file from the player - btw: the manual says that's impossible... ;-)
  • format player's internal and external memory


The MD9781-manager can be downloaded here:


To use the md9781-manager you need a kernel with USB support configured. A simple check (with the device plugged in):

grep Vendor /proc/bus/usb/devices

You should see a line that begins with "Vendor=04e8." (or 0xaa9 if you own the MD6242)

You also need the libusb shared library. Most distributions already include it. If you do not have it it can be found at

If everything works installing the program should be as easy as:

tar xvfz md9781manager_0.3.1-3.tar.gz
cd md9781manager-0.3.1/
make install # (optional - this copies the md9781-manager binary \
to /usr/local/bin/ - you can specify an other location with ./configure --prefix=... )

The access rights for the usb device file (/prc/bus/usb/001/xxx) are a little bit tricky. Usually only root is allowed to write to the file. There are several ways to solve this problem:

  • run md9781-manager as root - bad
  • have the line usbdevfs /proc/bus/usb usbdevfs devmode=0666 0 0 in /etc/fstab - also bad (now every user on the system can write to any file in the proc usb tree
  • try this little skript (create it as root in the directory "/etc/hotplug/usb") and let the hotplug daemon do the work

#!/bin/sh# # /etc/hotplug/usb/md9781#chgrp users $DEVICEchmod g+w $DEVICE

You will have to add the line (important: this is one line, no breaks)

md9781 0x0003 0x04e8 0x1003 0x0000 0x0000 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00000000
to /etc/hotplub/usb.usermap to tell the hotplug daemon to call the skript (don't forget to make it executeable).


Now give it a shot: md9781-manager -l

You should see a list of all files in theplayers internal memory.

Some examples how to use md9781-manager:

The "-e" option tells the program to use the external smartmediacard of the player. List of all files on the card: md9781-manager -e -d

To delete the second file from the player: md9781-manager -d 2

Delete the third track from the smartmedia card: md9781-manager -e -d 3

Put a song to the player: md9781-manager -p my_song.mp3. The player uses a FAT filesystem so the filename will be truncated after the first 8characters. If you want the file on the player of have a differentname (i.e. to avoid ambiguous names) use md9781-manager -p my_song.mp3 other.

To get the first file from the player: md9781-manager -g 1. This will save the file in thecurrent directory. It will be called like it was on the player.

Dietrich Rothe ( send me a patch that makethe usage of the program easier:

  1. with "-p" you can upload multiple files
  2. "-d" and "-g" accept a range-list with multiple numbers:
    for example -d -3,4,20-40,49-deletes files 1,2,3, file #4, 20 to 40, and all files having a number greater than (including) 49

HAVE FUN --- Jesper